Neighbors and Friends –

I’m excited to announce that I’ve launched a campaign for Select Board in Brookline, MA.

The Town of Brookline has five Select Board Members who are elected to 3-year terms to provide leadership and municipal services for our Town’s nearly 60,000 residents.

I’m running to be one of them, and – with your support – we’ll win.

I’m running for Select Board to help build a more inclusive and innovative Brookline – one that brings new voices and ideas to the table. A Brookline that works for us all, not just the few.

As a Town Meeting Member, I’ve spoken out at Town Meeting and in the Brookline Tab about the lack of representation in our government and how that impacts our decision making.

Make no mistake, representation isn’t window-dressing – it’s a check against bias. Without it, we have a small homogeneous group thinking they’re making the best decisions for all of us.

I’m not OK with that.

As a Select Board Member, I’ll work with other members to reform our appointment process for boards, committees, and commissions, so that more of us have an opportunity to serve.

I’ll also push our town to:

  • double down on transparency and civic education, so that all residents know how our government works;
  • go all out for voter turnout, so that all voices are heard at the ballot box;
  • and encourage young people, women, LGBTQIA people, people with disabilities, immigrants, and people of color to run for office, so that the widest range of ideas are on the table before we make decisions that impact us all.

I’m already putting these ideas to work as an Associate Dean for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at Boston University, as an appointed member of the Commonwealth’s Racial Imbalance Advisory Council, and as co-creator of the Wide Lens Film Series at the Coolidge Corner Theatre.

I’ll do the same for Brookline.

Because, if we the people want more inclusive schools, smarter economic development, more affordable housing, and racial and environmental justice, our approach will need to be comprehensive, with buy-in from the grassroots and those we’ve elected to represent our interests.

And, make no mistake – this union workers’ son, this first-generation college graduate, this educator, and activist is here to bring meaningful and measurable change to our system.

I hope you’ll support this effort by volunteering and donating to my campaign, so we can meet all of Brookline’s residents and amplify their voices.

And, I hope to earn your vote by Election day – Tuesday, May 7th.

Let’s do this!

– Raul